Atlantean is a global network of like-minded, creative individuals with a single purpose: to deliver premium, deep and detailed content focused on innovation in water.
Forget dreary, mass-produced press releases destined for the trash. Instead think targeted business content with personality.
Engaging. Entertaining. Provoking. Results driven. That’s Atlantean.
Led by award-winning environmental journalist Tom Freyberg, the global media company has over a decade of experience, spanning the world and bringing engineering-based content to life across the water, energy, renewables, recycling and waste management fields.
From feature-length content and analysis, to video case studies and interviews, conference organisation and public speaking, not to mention social media, the company’s proven track record can help to put businesses on the map, get noticed and grow.

MANTRA: a statement or slogan repeated frequently

 FUN: We enjoy what we do and work with people who do too.
 BOLD: If we don't like something, we say. And expect you to as well.
 PASSIONATE: We get passionate and excited about working with you on projects around the world.
 CREATIVE: We can bring the dullest of subjects to life, delivered as engaging content across multiple   platforms. 
 PROFESSIONAL: When representing your business, we act as if we are a part of it and take responsibility   as if it's our own.
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"In #California, if you don't know there is climate change and lack of #water... Something is wrong.

"In #California, if you don't know there is climate change and lack of #water... Something is wrong.

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