Atlantean Media is the global water industry’s trusted partner when it comes to communication, content strategy and delivery.

With over a decade’s worth of experience working with some of the biggest names across the water-energy-food nexus, Atlantean is a solutions-driven company helping to tell your story.
We believe in the unconventional. With a bias for action, we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, introduce new creative ideas and tap into the zeitgeist.
​So, how can we help you?

Content Strategy & Direction

Without a long-term strategy, content can be fragmented, inconsistent and just plain messy.
A solid content strategy needs to be anchored to the marketing and business strategy. If used correctly, high-quality and engaging content can help to open doors. It starts conversations and positions individuals and organisations as thought leaders in their fields.
We have experience working with a variety of organisations, from start-ups and multinationals, to publicly funded research organisations.
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Content Creation

Story is king.
At the heart of all content creation is a story.
Combining journalistic instincts with unique creativity, we help you to define that story and tell it in a way to engage, inspire and connect.
Whether it's helping to articulate your communications plan, start a new video, whitepaper or webinar series, Atlantean is your trusted partner.
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Social Media Strategy & Content Creation

There is more to social media than just adding hashtags.
Your social media presence and the content you produce is your brand's identity. It's the first thing people see, and the last thing people remember.
Atlantean can help you in setting up, running and developing your social media strategy and delivery.
We offer a tailor-made service that includes:
- An in-depth social media audit
- Long-term social media strategy
- A showcase of bespoke content that we think would work best for you
- A six or 12-month content calendar with monthly check-ins to show you how your new content is performing
- Monthly reports with analytics, against KPIs.
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Event Moderation

Emcees and moderators can make or break events.

They can seamlessly orchestrate the conversation, injecting humour and engaging the audience. Or, read scripted questions and send audiences to sleep!

Are you thinking of hosting a live event and need an experienced and professional moderator?
Atlantean Media has over a decade of experience in moderating high-level, live and virtual events globally.

Recently moderated events:
- Aquatech Online's BreakOuts, an interactive live event series that is designed to shake up the traditional and crowded webinar circuit.
- European Water Technology Week (EWTW)
- Colorado River Basin Fund "The Future of Water Tech" webinar
- WAITRO Innovation Summit
- SWAN Annual Conference.
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Advisory + Connections

We provide strategic advice to some of the biggest up-and-coming water technology companies in the world.

Advising start-ups on their communication, content and marketing strategies, we help to steer companies in the right direction.
With a wide global network, we provide meaningful introductions built on years of trust. From connecting start-ups to investors, through to solution providers to utilities, we understand the complex water ecosystem.

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Whitepapers & Reports

We have worked with leading research firms, software developers and water technology companies to produce informative whitepapers designed to engage and inform.

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Case Studies

A showcase of Atlantean’s flagship work, from events to documentaries and written content.

Brave Blue World documentary

Brave Blue World is the first honest and hopeful documentary that paints an optimistic picture of how humanity is adoption new technologies to solve the water crisis.

Now available on Netflix, Brave Blue World was a monumental project that helped to showcase some of the world’s greatest water innovations on the big stage.

Tom Freyberg was appointed as the communications director, helping to define, create and lead the brand from concept all the way through to the premier in LA, Hollywood.

The role involved leading communications and social media efforts, as well as producing a short podcast series and international documentary preview night.

Orchestrating multiple documentary stakeholders, from sponsors to the video production company, the role ensured the brand and communications remained consistent throughout.

Aquatech Online community & Innovation Forum

Aquatech Events is the largest physical and online gathering of water professionals, spanning Mexico, Amsterdam and China.

As part of a five-year strategic development, the 60+ year Aquatech Event franchise appointed Tom Freyberg and Atlantean as the ‘Content Director’ – an entirely new role for RAI Amsterdam.

Building the content strategy and then leading the execution, the work helped to raise the profile of Aquatech, changing event-related web traffic spikes to year-round consistent engagement across the website and social media platforms.

Now exceeding over one million page views per year, the Online Community offers a valuable additional content and a revenue stream, helping Aquatech evolve beyond the exhibition offering.

A second development was the Innovation Forum, a one-day strategic conference in Amsterdam. The role included building the advisory board, conference programme and sponsorship value proposition, before executing with an internal event operations team.

The result? An event known for “thinking differently about water” and shaking up a tradition and tired conference circuit. Testament to this was hosting the industry’s first F**K Up night.

KWR Water Research Institute

KWR is the Dutch research institute for the drinking water sector. The collaboration among the Dutch water supply companies has resulted in a powerful knowledge base.

The organisation set out a strategy to strengthen KWR’s thought leadership position on the circular economy, sparking dialogue through thought leadership and engagement.

Partnering with Atlantean Media was key to generating appealing content and increasing international exposure and interest in KWR.

The role required an understanding of the top-level research, before simplifying and extracting the essence of multiple stories for a wider market. Atlantean’s broad connections in the global water market resulting in numerous off- and online coverage.


FIDO Tech is a global technology and artificial intelligence (AI) company using deep-learning to find the water leaks that matter.

FIDO approached Atlantean Media at a pivotal time in its journey. After several years of growth and investment the company had reached an identity crossroads: it wanted to amplify its historic, core business of using actionable AI to empower water utilities to find and fix the biggest leaks, but also pivot to start working with multinationals in the corporate water stewardship space. Starting with a series of strategic marketing boot camps with the company’s executives, Atlantean helped to recalibrate the overall company’s vision, mission and core values before creating separate brands: FIDO Direct, FIDO Plus and FIDO Inside.

After establishing the sub-brands, we worked with a digital partner to completely overhaul and redesign the website: simplified, clean messaging that’s easy to navigate. Combined with a content, SEO and social media strategy, the content is now more creative, and social media strategy more targeted.

The Atlantean team has been instrumental in developing the brand strategy and materials, including a brand guide, digital assets, and new logos for their sub-brands.

The result? Structured, strategic and consistent communications for a global company that’s evolved from start-up to scale-up, without losing its disruptive, and often provocative, voice.


Like all great ideas, The Stream podcast came from a creative brainstorm after the two hosts consumed one too many cocktails!

Borne during the pandemic when in-person conferences were no longer possible, the podcast set out with the mission to make key tech, funding innovations, and business models more accessible to a wider audience.

Hosted by two water advocates, Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg, the show features unscripted, unedited conversations with guests who reject the status quo and have a bias for action in the world of water and beyond.

With a solid following and downloads, the podcast is now in its sixth season. Despite the serious nature of the topics, the conversations are kept light and fun with like-minded guests who are optimists, innovators, and futurists. Each season has a dedicated theme and is characterised by its vivid branding and style, reflecting the vibe of the show. You can find The Stream on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and on YouTube in video format.

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